BioConnects New England is harnessing the resources and talent across New England to advance the biotech industry, expand and localize biomanufacturing, and provide economic opportunities and pathways to the community, focusing particularly on economically disadvantaged areas, women, and marginalized populations.

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Map of the BioConnects coalition

Three States, Nine Organizations

Through this initiative, BioConnects New England will create a biomanufacturing cluster in Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island regions that have been historically excluded from the biotechnology industry, one of the fastest-growing sectors in New England with national importance.

Massachusetts-based Northeastern University will lead the coalition, which includes The Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory at Northeastern University, The Roux Institute at Northeastern University in Portland, Maine, Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Rhode Island Commerce, the I-195 Design & Innovation District in Providence, Rhode Island, and the University of Rhode Island.

Creating Opportunity with BioConnects New England

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BioConnects New England is proud to have the support of our community and industry partners.

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BioConnects New England will connect hubs throughout the region to support existing—and establish new—biomanufacturing infrastructure as a pathway to increase employment and educational opportunities in underserved regions and populations.

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What is Biomanufacturing?

Discovering a drug and testing its efficacy are two major steps in the process of getting a treatment to patients.

Biomanufacturing addresses the next stage of commercialization. When a drug has been approved, companies rely on biomanufacturing facilities to reliably produce and commercially scale the product distribution.

For the purpose of this coalition, by creating these facilities in the same region where discovery begins, companies will be able to remove many of the bottlenecks that outsourcing creates.

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