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MARSHFIELD, MA (MARCH 11, 2024) – In a groundbreaking initiative, The Atlantic Resiliency Innovation Institute (ARII), in collaboration with The Marshfield Chamber of Commerce, Northeastern University, Marshfield Public Schools, and the Town of Marshfield, is establishing a federally funded technology incubator and workforce development program. This unique partnership will bring to market new coastal hazard mitigation solutions, enhancing community resilience, and establish a science-based community on the South Shore.

“We are unbelievably grateful for the opportunity to work on such critical solutions for our community,” said Jeremy Devaney, Co-Founder and Executive Director of ARII which oversees Marshfield Coastal Academy and Marshfield Coastal Hazard Lab. “The need for new solutions has never been higher – beyond new technologies, we need to grow the workforce to implement, monitor, and maintain our future coastal defenses.”

ARII’s programming through Marshfield Coastal Academy includes certificate programs, as well as workshops, research projects, STEM enhancement, and community engagement to address the pressing coastal challenges faced by the region. “Our collaboration with esteemed partners like Northeastern University will allow us to grow a large pool of trained workers here on the South Shore and beyond,” said Lara Brait, Co-founder and Director of Funding & Partnerships at ARII.

“Achieving coastal resilience requires collaboration across sectors, including robust partnerships between institutions like Northeastern University, government agencies, public schools, and community stakeholders. Through shared expertise, community engagement, and the creation of ARII, we can create new employment opportunities and build a resilient coastline that protects people and ecosystems,” said Jared Auclair, Interim Dean of the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University and co-PI of BioConnects New England.

Michael Maresco, Marshfield Town Administrator, said, “This is an incredible opportunity for the Town Of Marshfield, The Marshfield Public Schools and the Chamber of Commerce to partner with such a highly respected university as Northeastern University. This came to fruition thanks to the support of Senator Markey, Senator Warren, and Jim Cantwell. Their efforts have made it possible for the one million dollars that will fund this partnership to study climate change through the Marshfield Coastal Academy. We are the perfect community for this study with our beaches and rivers, where scientists and students will see the full effect of climate change and coastal storms. I look forward to working together with our Chamber, Northeastern University, our students, and our Senators. We are grateful and excited to be able to contribute to our future survival as an oceanfront community.”

Marshfield Superintendent Jeffrey Granatino added, “The Marshfield Coastal Academy is an exciting opportunity for recent high school graduates.  In collaboration with Northeastern University, participants will have the opportunity to access essential STEAM-related coursework that could be applied to additional schooling in a post-secondary setting and provide them with real-world problem-solving skills that could be used in a science-based employment opportunity.”

Senator Ed Markey and his staff, along with Senator Elizabeth Warren, have supported the vision for ARII, which has been instrumental in the initial phases of its creation. Strong leadership for Massachusetts communities is essential for the future of the Commonwealth.

The Institute focuses on integrating educational pathways for young adults, developing new coastal hazard mitigation solutions, and promoting career success in civil engineering, environmental and coastal management fields.