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(GLOUCESTER, MA) Graduates of Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute’s (GMGI) Gloucester Biotechnology Academy who are accepted to Northeastern University will be eligible to receive up to 11 transfer credits toward the Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology program. This is the first agreement the Academy has formed with Northeastern University, marking this the highest amount of transfer credits available to Academy graduates at any higher education institution.  

Gloucester Biotechnology Academy’s training program provides students with seven months of hands-on training in state-of-the-art laboratories, followed by a three-month paid industry internship. While the majority of graduates go on to full-time employment in the life sciences and biotechnology, a  number of graduates choose to further their science education.  

“This is a collaboration we’ve been waiting for,” said John Doyle, Ph.D., Gloucester Biotechnology Academy’s Education Director. “The subset of students who choose to enroll in college after the  Academy will enjoy an expanded selection of undergraduate institutions where they can further their professional skills. We are grateful to have Northeastern University as one of their options.” 

Northeastern University’s Biotechnology program (within the College of Professional Studies) provides students with a flexible option to complete a bachelor’s degree on their time, allowing them to advance their careers in the life sciences. The program offers multiple start dates throughout the year, giving graduates the ability to continue their education in a manner that suits their individual needs. 

“At Northeastern, we are passionate about encouraging a thriving, diverse STEM workforce in  Massachusetts,” said Jared Auclair, Director of Bioinnovation and Vice Provost of Research  Economic Development at Northeastern University and co-PI of the BioConnects New England initiative. “One possible pathway for this is the Gloucester Biotechnology Academy. Their graduates are skilled and eager to learn. We are thrilled to offer them the opportunity to continue their education with us.” 

Academy graduates who choose to take advantage of Northeastern University’s available credits will enter the program with nearly a full semester of credit hours complete, providing a reprieve from not only the time commitment that a four-year degree requires but also the amount of tuition needed. 

“We are incredibly grateful for this partnership with Northeastern University and the opportunity they are providing to our graduates,” said Chris Bolzan, GMGI’s Executive Director. “These aren’t just stackable credentials. They create alternative pathways to the life sciences that can change career  trajectories.” 

About GMGI
GMGI addresses critical challenges facing our oceans, human health, and the environment through innovative scientific research and education. By bringing world-class science and transformative workforce development to Gloucester’s historic waterfront, GMGI is catalyzing the regional economy. GMGI’s  Gloucester Biotechnology Academy, a 10-month certificate training program to train recent high school graduates for careers as lab technicians, recently graduated its sixth class. Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute’s state-of-the-art research institute on Gloucester harbor opened in 2018 and is located at 417 Main Street.