Project #1

Workforce Training and Education Pipelines for Demand-Driven Industry Needs

Student learning how to use a microscope

This project will connect and tap into the talent and opportunity in the region’s underserved communities to develop and train individuals for laboratory and manufacturing operations in emerging fields, such as gene therapies, DNA/RNA technologies, regulatory and quality support, and business support services. Additionally, BioConnects New England will support educational opportunities to help close the current gap in the biomanufacturing workforce.

VIEW: Career Pathway Opportunities through BioConnects New England

Project #2

Scale-Up and Prototyping for Advanced Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Beaker with liquid

Utilizing the coalition’s facilities (the Roux Institute, BATL, WPI, RI), BioConnects New England will address the existing shortage in scaling capabilities by providing infrastructure and support for emerging technologies, such as cell and gene therapies. This project will help companies create and test the processes and procedures needed for commercial scale production.

Project #3

Laboratory Incubator and Accelerator

Female entrepreneur

Building off of the workforce training and scaling support in Project 1 and Project 2, BioConnects’ coalition members will offer incubator and accelerator space for early-stage biopharma companies with a focus on supporting women entrepreneurs and underrepresented- and woman-owned early-stage companies.

Project #4

Building Equity


To effectively support women and marginalized populations in Projects 1, 2, and 3, BioConnects New England will provide the resources needed to help communities and individuals achieve success. These resources—identified by community members and coalition leaders—may include mentoring, childcare services, and the purchase of learning materials and laptops.